Dr. Daniel Socek

dsocek @ fau.edu

Research Interests

  1. Biometrics - is currently my main research topic. At the moment I am focused on the design and analysis of safe and secure biometric systems. Many of the biometric systems today open the user to a serious possibility of identity theft. Unlike passwords and credit-cards, biometric data represents a non-renewable identifier and preventing such identity theft is of vital importance to consumers. My reserch efforts are focused on investigating and developing technology for the new generation of biometrics-based systems that protect against identity theft.
  2. Cryptography and Multimedia Security - represents my general research interest. I enjoy investigating all aspects of modern cryptography, in particular the security of proposed public-key and private-key cryptosystems, secret sharing and hash functions. In fact, the design and security of specialized encryption such as the encrytion of images, audio and video, is one of the central topics of my research work. This work is closely connected with what is known as Digital Rights Management.
  3. Image/Video Analysis and Coding - is another focus of my research. In order to truly understand all aspects of multimedia-related security I have been working to develop a strong research background in digital multimedia analysis and coding, particularly focusing on images and videos. More specifically, I am involved in work regarding biometric feature extraction, lossy and lossless image and video compression, as well as image and video object segmentation and tracking.